Every year, 3,500 children struggle with cancer in Turkey.

In Turkey, 3,500 children are diagnosed with cancer every 3 hours, that is, 1 child is diagnosed with cancer annually, and this figure reaches 5,000 with recurrences. As awareness about cancer and access to a doctor become easier, the success of treatment increases over the years. Providing information on the subject, KAÇUV Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. İnci Yıldız: “Most childhood cancers occur in the first 5 years of age and develop rapidly. Some types of cancer, such as bone tumors, are more common in 10-15 years of age. What is pleasing is that with the important developments in cancer diagnosis and treatment, the survival rates of childhood cancers with early diagnosis are significantly higher today.

Stating that childhood cancers are seen in all age groups from birth to adolescence and will be as important as adult cases all over the world, Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. İnci Yıldız made important statements regarding the disease.

Agricultural pesticides used in fruits and vegetables, nuclear wastes mixed with drinking water, hormone-type fertilizers are important in pediatric cancers because they contain carcinogenic substances.

It is thought that some viral infections (viruses such as EBV and HIV) that are generally passed in the formation of pediatric cancers cause cancer by crashing the immune system. In addition, some genetic predispositions may cause tumor formation (such as Li-Fraumeni syndrome, Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome). Most importantly, hormone-type fertilizers and pesticides used in the fields pass into the food and have a carcinogenic effect.

Treatment success increased significantly in childhood leukemia

Today, one out of every 900 adults in developed countries has had childhood cancer and has survived. Annually, 350 thousand children (under the age of 15) are treated for cancer by newly diagnosed cancer in the world and approximately 3,500 children in Turkey. 2 and 4% of cancers that occur every year in the world develop in the age group under 19 years old.

Lymph node cancers are the most common leukemia in children in Turkey.

Leukemias constitute 30% of childhood cancers in Turkey and in the world. Lymph node cancers (Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma) take the second place in cancer frequency in our country. These are followed by nervous system tumors, adrenal gland tumors, kidney tumors and soft tissue and connective tissue tumors. Children’s cancers are usually fast growing, growing cancers. Within a few weeks or even days, they grow rapidly and become prominent. Because they grow fast, they are sensitive to drug therapy (chemotherapy) and radiation therapy (radiotherapy). Pediatric cancers are treated with surgery, chemotherapy and, if necessary, radiotherapy.

Two-thirds of pediatric cancers in Turkey are completely cured

It is also known that with the important developments in cancer diagnosis and treatment, survival rates are significantly higher in cases with early diagnosis of childhood cancers. Early diagnosis of such patients is possible with the dissemination of education on this subject.

These factors, which are exposed in childhood, pave the way for childhood cancers.

For this reason, it is very important for people to know the signs and symptoms of these diseases, to make a diagnosis quickly, and to treat these patients by specialists trained in this field in full-fledged Oncology centers in order to achieve success in the fight against the disease.




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