Every year, 200,000 children struggle for life against cancer in the world.

playful-cancer-kidsFebruary 15 is Child Cancer Day in the World and in Turkey. Childhood cancers in children aged 0-18 are only 1.2% among all cancer types. While 200 thousand children are diagnosed with cancer for the first time every year around the world, the total number of children with cancer is approaching 300,000 when the ongoing treatment and recurrences are included. In Turkey, about 3 thousand children receive cancer treatment or are caught with cancer in some way. Childhood cancer is as important a problem as adult cases all over the world. Cancer types in children differ from adult cancers in terms of response rates and long-term survival.

Today, one in every 900 adults in developed countries is a childhood cancer survivor (cancer and survivor). Every year, 200,000 children (under 18 years of age) receive cancer treatment in the world, and approximately 3,000 children in Turkey. 1.2% of cancers that occur every year in the world develop in the age group under 19 years old.

Leukemia is the most known in Turkey. Leukemias constitute 30% of childhood cancers in Turkey and in the world. Lymph node cancers (Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma) take the second place in cancer frequency in our country. In our country, 3/2 of pediatric cancers are still completely cured.

Early diagnosis, correct treatment saves lives

In recovery, the most important condition is early diagnosis and access to the appropriate treatment center. Hope Foundation for Children with CancerSince 2000, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Pediatric Health and Diseases Hematology-Oncology Service has been operating in many areas, from renewing the medicine and medical needs of children, to establishing children’s playrooms for psychological support.

Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer, in order to ensure the sustainability of the treatment of the diagnosed child and family, opened the Family House in March 2012, where the families and children’s need for sheltering in healthy and clean conditions throughout the treatment is met free of charge. It meets a great need by supporting the accommodation of the patient or his family during the treatment intervals or control periods. The foundation aims to be a non-governmental organization that has expanded in recent years by supporting many hospitals outside of Istanbul and our children receiving treatment.

Adopting the words “Where there is life, there is hope” as a principle, the Foundation believes that children can have the right treatment conditions through early diagnosis, through increasing social sensitivity.




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