Don’t feed cancer with sugar!

sugar-cake-consumptionDrawing attention to the sugar that feeds cancer, Oncology Coordinator Assoc. Dr Mutlu Demiray said, “Today, sugar consumption has increased a lot. Almost everything we eat and drink contains sugar and sugar-like chemicals. The broths, instant soups, and hundreds of packaged foods we use add sugar to our bodies without us even realizing it.

The use of excess sugar has many harmful hormonal, metabolic and cellular effects. The most important thing is the relationship between sugar consumption and cancer. Scientists warn everyone against sugar, the favorite food of cancer cells. Underlining that the use of excess sugar is to allow cancer to be fed, Assoc. Happy Demirayemphasizes that it is also wrong to use sweeteners instead of sugar.

Is the ketogenic diet protective against cancer?

Regulations are being made to reduce sugar use in the world

In many countries around the world, regulations and sanctions are applied to reduce sugar consumption due to its cancer-feeding aspect. Finally, a regulation in this direction was made in England recently. Accordingly, companies will be subject to additional taxes based on the amount of sugar they use in drinks. The tax, which will come into effect in April 2018, is expected to raise £520m a year. Demiray, who found it right to make a similar regulation regarding the sugar ratios used in beverages in Turkey, said, “The body needs sugar, sugar is a source of energy and we cannot live without it. But too much is very harmful,” he says.

Cancer cells only feed on sugar and use sugar about 200 times more than normal cells..

On the other hand, there are studies showing the relationship between high fasting blood sugar and cancer rates. In studies at the MD Anderson Cancer Center; Demiray stated that it was determined that the rate of cancer incidence was 49 percent higher in people who do not smoke and eat foods with a high glycemic index. Another important point determined in the study is that processed sugar, not the total sugar consumed, increases the risk of cancer. At this point, ‘high glycemic index’ means sugar that quickly enters the bloodstream, raising blood sugar and suddenly increasing insulin secretion.

How much sugar should you consume per day?

Experts say the highest daily intake of sugar is for men. 9 teaspoonsfor women 6 teaspoons states that it is. When these amounts are calculated in calories, 150 caloriesalso for women to 100 calories it corresponds. Many people use this rate daily. easily can double. To reduce sugar intake from beverages

Emphasizing that it is necessary to look at the sugar content in many foods, from canned foods, salad dressings to breads, Demiray said, “Now we need to act consciously on this issue. It is necessary to pay attention to the ratio of substances such as fructose, lactose, sucrose, maltose, glucose or dextrose on the labels of the products,” he adds.

Excess sugar consumption paves the way for cancer

Medicana Hospitals Group Oncology Coordinator Assoc. Dr. Mutlu Demiray




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