Does vitamin C have an effect on cancer treatment?

vitamin c-what isVitamin C, which has an important role in the functions of the immune system, has also been used in cancer treatment in recent years. Vitamin C, which plays an important role in the functions of the connective tissue and immune system, is also effective in the treatment of cancer, like many diseases. Vitamin C, which is structurally similar to sugar, is used together with chemotherapy to destroy cancer cells. Stating that new studies on the effect of vitamin C on cancer treatment are promising, Oncologist Assoc. Dr. Mutlu Demiray said, “Research also shows that vitamin C, which causes the death of cancer cells, causes very rapid tumor destruction.”

Vitamin C is at the top of the list of immune-boosting vitamins. Increasing the production of infection-fighting red blood cells and antibodies in the body, more importantly; Vitamin C, which increases the natural protein interferon, which is effective on viruses, has become one of the important weapons of cancer treatment in recent years. Oncologist Assoc. Dr. Mutlu Demiray said that vitamin C, as a treatment agent that only causes the death of tumor cells and has no effect on normal cells, causes very rapid tumor destruction.

Emphasizing that this effect of vitamin C has been proven by research and underlining that the most fundamental difference of cancer cells from normal cells is their diet, Demiray said that while normal cells use fats and other substances as an energy source, cancer cells only use sugar, and therefore, they consume approximately 200 times more sugar than normal cells. He said that cancer cells attract vitamin C, mistaking it for sugar.

Saying that Vitamin C transforms into oxygenated water in cancer tissue at high doses, Demiray said, “This water formed in cancerous tissue is deadly for cancer cells. Because it occurs in cancer cells that mistook vitamin C for sugar, and cancer cells do not have enzymes that can clean oxygenated water. If your tumor has taken the drug given in your PET/CT examination during or after the cancer diagnosis, it means that you can benefit from C treatment.”

Demiray said that research shows that vitamin C administration increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy agents and reduces their side effects. Demiray, who does not recommend the use of vitamin C in patients with kidney stones and sensitive tumors, added that the lowest dose to be used in cancer treatment is 10 grams, and the rate changes according to the patient’s weight and tumor burden.

Vitamin C has started to be used in cancer treatment in many countries.




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