Does prostate cancer affect sex life?

Macmillan Cancer Foundation, one of the UK-based cancer-fighting organizations, reported that 40 thousand people are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year in England and there are 160,000 men whose sexual life ends due to treatment. The foundation announced that cancer cases could double by 2030. Methods such as surgery, radiotherapy and hormone therapy used in the treatment of prostate cancer can cause erectile dysfunction. It is stated that this problem is permanent in some patients who have suffered nerve damage, some problems arise due to the creation of a psychological barrier against sexuality, and in some cases the problem is temporary. Two-thirds of prostate cancer patients have erectile dysfunction.

Professor Jane Maher from the Cancer Foundation stated that this is a big problem waiting for patients and emphasized that patients should be informed about this issue before treatment. “Many men with prostate cancer see erectile dysfunction as a loss of masculinity and are wary of seeking help,” said Dr Daria Bonanno, a psychologist with the foundation. This can cause them to distance themselves from their spouses and make the situation worse.”

Prostate cancer specialist Professor Malcolm Mason stated that research continues to develop new treatment techniques and methods that will minimize side effects.

New generation drugs extend life expectancy in prostate cancer treatment




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