Does alkaline therapy work in cancer?

alkaline-diet-if-does it-works,One of the rising nutritional trends of recent years is the alkaline diet. The functions of enzymes, which have vital functions in the body, change according to the pH value of the environment they are in, that is, whether it is acidic or alkaline. So what happens if the acid load of the body increases? “Life consists mostly of a struggle against acid substances,” said Prof. Canfeza Sezgin states that today, many people follow the alkaline diet both to lose their excess weight and to live healthier. alkaline dietApart from weight control, it is stated that it is also effective in the prevention and treatment of some diseases.

In some sources, there is information that alkaline therapy is effective in fighting cancer. Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology Specialist who answered our questions on the subject prof. Dr. Canfeza Sezgin first of all, he talked about the acid-base balance in the body and what this balance means: “Life consists mostly of a struggle against acid substances. A healthy pH value is vital for the healthy execution of intracellular functions. Intracellular and extracellular pH values ​​are always in balance, and ion pumps and buffer systems provide this balance. normal blood pH level changes can cause serious problems. The most important extracellular buffer system is bicarbonate and carbon dioxide, regulated by the kidney and lung. Excess acid substances are excreted through the kidneys.

What affects the acid-base balance?

Kidney or liver disease, uncontrolled diabetes cause acidic environment. Excessive consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, meat, dairy products, sorbutol and fructose-containing foods is also responsible for the increase in acid load. In addition, genetic predisposition to kidney, liver and lung diseases, nutrition and environmental factors have a decisive effect on this balance.

How important is nutritional therapy in cancer? Advice from the expert…

Too much acid load can lead to dna mutation

Stating that enzymes that carry out vital functions undergo a change in function according to the pH value of the environment they are in, Prof. Canfeza Sezgin’s answers to questions about acid-base value and alkali treatment are as follows:

Why is it harmful to have a high acid load in the body?

acidic or more than necessary alkali In the environment, the functions of enzymes are impaired. If this situation continues for a long time, the normal structures of the cells will be disrupted, the production of abnormal proteins, and the genetic code. DNA’causes mutation. This process constitutes the initial stage of cancer. In addition, the functions of immune system cells are disrupted in an acidic environment, preventing the elimination of abnormal structures.

Do cancer cells like acid?

– Recently, there has been a lot of talk that alkaline therapy is effective in fighting cancer. How is alkaline treatment combined with cancer treatment and is it included in treatment protocols?

The energy production of cancer cells is different from normal healthy cells. In cancer, as more sugar is consumed, less energy is produced. In other words, we can think of it as an old model engine with low efficiency. As a result of poorly efficient energy production, the amount of lactic acid inside the cancer cell increases and an acidic environment is formed. The cancer cell also throws these acids out because acidic substances threaten its own life. While cleaning itself from the acidic environment, it also creates an acidic shield outside. In other words, cancer cells do not like acids, but the difference in their metabolism causes them to form acids.

Is alkaline treatment effective in cancer?

Since most of the chemotherapy drugs have a slightly basic structure, they collect in the acidic armor outside the cancer cell and enter the cell less. Immune system cells lose their effects with this acidic armor. The first laboratory studies showed that oral and intravenous administration of alkaline substances in cancer treatment and the use of drugs that prevent the pumps that ensure the removal of acidic substances from the cancer cell can be beneficial. Alkaline therapy is not a standard cancer treatment, it is a helpful and complementary approach. Studies on its application in low-dose chemotherapy protocols are reported.

Do not use alkaline agents without consulting your doctor.

– In which types of cancer does it give positive results?

alkaline treatment It is not effective alone in the treatment of cancer. Positive results can be obtained when applied as an adjunct to chemotherapy. Cancer The effectiveness of the immune system can also be increased with drugs that inhibit the acid pumps in the cells. There are few studies on its benefit in humans, but it has been shown in clinical studies that it may be useful as an adjunct therapy in osteosarcoma, metastasized breast cancer and superficial bladder cancer. Patients should not use alkaline agents without the advice of their oncologist, because they may impair the effect of some vital cancer drugs.

Does oral bicarbonate affect cancer?

-There are rumors that oral bicarbonate cures cancer, is that true? No, oral bicarbonate may alkalize the urine and blood, but it will not affect the tissue around the cancer. Here, the pumps that provide acid production should also be prevented. High doses of drugs that block acid pumps help reduce the chances of cancer cells surviving. Without treatment using cancer drugs, the chance of success of these approaches is rare, which we can call coincidental. Therefore, it is not a substitute for medical treatment. We use it as an adjunctive approach in appropriate patients.

Garment-style treatment period in cancer is ending…

Can anyone use bicarbonate safely?

Healthy people should reduce the acid load in their bodies by paying attention to their diet. Bicarbonate taken by mouth without dieting and quitting habits such as alcohol and cigarettes will not have additional benefits. Alkaline diet is already a healthy one, it protects from many diseases. It is inconvenient for those who receive cancer treatment to take such treatments without the advice of the oncology doctor, it can create serious problems by preventing the effect of some cancer drugs. In some patients, it may cause additional problems such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Which foods are alkaline and which are acid?

– What should be the diet in order to be protected from cancer in particular and all diseases in general and to live healthy, which foods should be emphasized in terms of alkaline nutrition and which ones should be avoided?

It is recommended that 80% of the food consists of alkaline and 20% acidic foods. Almost all of the vegetables, fruits and bean group foods contribute to the alkaline balance. Cereals such as quinoa and buckwheat and nuts such as hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds support the alkaline balance. Green leafy vegetables make up the most beneficial group. Raw or semi-raw consumption of vegetables is more beneficial.

Proper nutrition in cancer treatment improves chances of survival

Foods such as eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes should be consumed with their skins. Vegetable or wheatgrass juice does not taste good, but it is very useful. Foods such as tofu, quinoa, chestnuts and almonds should be consumed as healthy protein sources. All herbal spices and natural sweeteners are in the alkaline group. Meat and dairy products, eggs, various foods containing grains (barley, oats, wheat, corn, rice, rye, pasta), cocoa, coffee, corn syrup, alcohol, soft drinks, mustard, sugar, vinegar and wine are acidic and slightly acidic. must be consumed.

Is ‘sugar the sweetest poison’?

– One of the points that confuse patients is sugar. Because doctors are divided on this issue. Some say that “cancer patients should never eat sugar because it kills the warrior T cells”. Others use the phrase “There is no scientific data that sugar feeds cancer”. What is your opinion, can cancer patients consume sugary foods?

The problem is not in the sugar, but in the way and amount of sugar taken into the body. If sugar is in the form of simple sugar that mixes quickly into the blood (sweets, doughnuts, pastries, white flour, corn-fructose syrup, fruit juice, etc.), insulin secretion increases in response to a sudden rise in blood sugar. Another factor is the excessive intake of sugar. If this type of nutrition is frequent and continuous during the day, it enters a vicious circle after a while, causing weight gain, adiposity, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. As a result, the risk of cancer increases and the progression of the disease increases in the presence of cancer. Fat cells secrete substances that nourish cancer stem cells, insulin also stimulates the proliferation of cancer cells. Therefore, cancer patients candy Instead, they should take sugar from foods with high fiber content, where sugar absorption is slower by taking fruit pulp or whole grain according to their needs.

In cancer treatment, patient and ‘target-oriented’ nutrition regime should be applied.

In addition, by doing regular daily exercise, excess calories should be burned and the immune system should be supported.




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