Do Antibiotics Affect Menstrual Period?


Intestinal health is one of the most trending health topics of recent times. Because the gut is considered our second brain, and the healthier they are, the healthier we are. Thanks to countless beneficial bacteria, our immune system is strengthened and all our systems work flawlessly. When the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines decreases, the balance of the body is disturbed and many diseases and disorders can occur. Factors that cause the decrease of these bacteria;

• Smoking, alcohol consumption
• Unhealthy eating
• Lack of nutrition from fermented products
• Conditions such as uncontrolled drug and antibiotic use.

The uncontrolled use of antibiotics is particularly common. Many women create irregularities in their menstrual cycle due to the antibiotics they use.

So how do antibiotics affect the menstrual cycle?

• Antibiotics are metabolized by the liver. We know that estrogen and progesterone are also metabolized in the liver. Antibiotics can speed up estrogen metabolism in the liver, which can reduce estrogen in the blood stream. Because estrogen is the first condition for ovulation, and because of antibiotics, estrogen decreases, your menstrual cycle may be delayed or absent.

• Antibiotics can kill bad bacteria in the gut, but they also damage good bacteria. Some bacteria in healthy intestines facilitate the excretion of excess estrogen sent by the liver. The decrease in the number of these bacteria causes the estrogen that needs to be thrown back into the blood. This imbalance in estrogen levels affects the production of hormones necessary for the formation and release of the ovaries.

As a result, do not use over-the-counter antibiotics. If you really need to use fermented products such as kefir, kombucha and pickles, do not miss out on your diet.

Nutritionist Fulya Bozdemir

Source:, Do Antibiotics Affect Menstrual Period?

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