Despite breast cancer, it is possible to have a child with appropriate treatment

Cancer, which is one of the most common diseases in the world that causes life-threatening risks, can be a source of concern for people who dream of parenthood. Breast cancer is common, especially during pregnancy. However, thanks to the developing medical and technological opportunities and the right methods applied during the treatment, it is possible to be a healthy parent. Associate Professor of Oncology. Dr. Serkan Keskin, “October 1-31 Breast Cancer Before the “Awareness Month”, she gave information about what cancer patients should pay attention to in the process of having a child.

Don’t be intimidated by getting cancer at a young age.

Cancer, the disease of our age, can be seen in every individual regardless of age and gender. Although this disease sometimes causes women who dream of motherhood to experience difficult situations, it can also be seen in men. A woman who is considering becoming a mother or pregnant can get cancer. Problems related to having children may come to the fore in people who have cancer at a young age. Although women come to mind first in this picture, men can be affected by cancer just as much as they do.

Because sperm cells can be damaged during chemotherapy. For example, as a result of the removal of the testicular tumor of a patient with testicular cancer and the administration of chemotherapy, the sperm reserve may deteriorate in terms of both number and quality. For this reason, just as women are recommended to freeze eggs before cancer treatment, men should also try to store sperm.

Breast cancer is most common during pregnancy

Sometimes, cancer occurs during pregnancy in women who set out with the dream of motherhood. Breast cancer is most common in pregnant women. If the diagnosis of cancer occurs in the early weeks of pregnancy, it is considered appropriate to terminate the pregnancy. However, in case of pregnancy in the second or third trimester, treatment should be started with chemotherapy drugs suitable for the patient’s condition. The treatment process, which starts with chemotherapy, continues with surgery and radiation therapy after the birth, and it is ensured that this disease is overcome after becoming a mother.

Before starting the treatment, you should go to the IVF center.

Cancer can also be seen in people who have not completed their family or who want to have children again. Intensive treatment applied may prevent the patient from having children in the future. In order to avoid this situation, three methods must be used. In the first, the patient’s eggs can be stored directly, in the other, a piece of tissue from the ovary is taken and stored. If the patient is married, fertilization of the woman’s egg and the man’s sperm is used to preserve the resulting embryo. After cancer treatments are completed, expectant mothers can easily apply to IVF centers to have children.

Female cancer patients can have children after treatment

You can get pregnant 2 years after beating cancer

It is not recommended for patients who regain their health after completing oncological treatment to become pregnant immediately. It takes an average of 2-3 years for this to happen. The longer the time between treatment and pregnancy, the lower the risk. Because if the disease relapses, chemotherapy and other treatments are started again.

You can breastfeed your child

The most special bond between the mother and her child is established during the breastfeeding period. However, there is a misconception that patients who are struggling with both breast and other cancers cannot breastfeed their children. Breastfeeding is not recommended as hormone pills are used in 70-80% of breast cancer patients during and after the treatment. However, after the completion of the treatment or hormone therapy, mothers can breastfeed their babies with peace of mind.




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