Deepening of the voice may be a sign of ‘larynx cancer’

Decreased or absent voice, as well as different voice formation, are among the symptoms of hoarseness. Many factors such as upper respiratory tract infections, allergies, exposure to environmental stimuli or loud shouting can cause hoarseness. One of the most common factors causing hoarseness is; smoking. Saying that men are perceived as more charismatic when their voices become thicker due to smoking, Ear Nose and Throat Specialist Prof. Dr. Ferhan Öz, ‘Men whose voices become thicker due to excessive smoking do not go to the doctor easily. When they decide to be examined, they pay a heavy price for being late.”

Answering the most frequently asked questions about sound thickening, Prof. Dr. Ferhan Öz gave the following information: Because the suspicion of laryngeal cancer is usually in the foreground in men whose voices become thicker due to smoking. Although cancer takes a very small place among the causes of hoarseness, it should never be neglected. This type of cancer complains of hoarseness at an early stage. In the late stage, in addition to hoarseness, breathing difficulties, sore throat, pain in the ear and difficulty in swallowing may occur.

7 important problems and diseases that cause hoarseness from reflux to cancer

Voice change that lasts longer than a week cannot be neglected.

The most important reason for deepening of the voice in men is heavy smoking. Smoking more than one pack a day causes edema in the vocal cords and causes a deepening of the voice. Long-term smoking not only causes thickening of the voice due to edema, but also causes permanent changes in the vocal cords that can turn into cancer. Any change in the voice is a voice disorder. Therefore, whether it thickens or shrinks, it creates a situation that should be alarmed.

The ENT examination to be carried out during this period, early diagnosis brings nearly 100 percent success. When it is delayed, the chances of success of treatment methods decrease. For example, while intraoral laser surgery or radiotherapy in the early period gives extremely successful results, even complete removal of the larynx may not give satisfactory results in the late period. Therefore, if the slightest change in our voice lasts for a week, immediately applying to an ENT doctor allows us to take precautions against diseases such as cancer that may arise in the future.

Smoking causes masculinization in women’s voices

Hoarseness in smokers occurs especially in middle age and later. Edema in the vocal cord due to the toxic effect of smoking makes the thin female vocal cords thicker than the thick male vocal cord. The effects of heavy smoking, especially in middle-aged women, are seen as a male voice when they wake up in the morning, and their voice gradually improves later in the day. Therefore, the voices of women who smoke are deeper than men’s voices. Over time, speaking with a male voice becomes irreversible.

Prolonged hoarseness may be a sign of serious illness.

Three different options are used in the treatment

3 treatment methods are used in hoarseness; drug therapy, voice therapy and voice surgery. While drug treatment is generally applied in reflux, allergy and infectious diseases, voice therapy is applied in diseases such as nodules that are caused by misuse of the voice. However, the method applied in many hoarseness is surgical treatment. Throat or vocal cord treatment due to smoking is performed under general anesthesia with microscopic laser surgery method.

Microscopic voice surgery improves sound quality

Vocal cord surgeries are almost always done to improve voice quality. With the inclusion of high-tech devices such as microscopic voice surgery and laser, it has become a reliable and successful method for patients. Patients can be discharged from the hospital on the same day and should avoid using their voice for an average of 3 days. However, in order not to encounter a negative picture, it is considered essential that the operation be performed by Ear, Nose and Throat specialists who are experienced in sound.

What causes hoarseness?

  • Heavy smoking
  • upper respiratory tract infections
  • Using the voice wrong
  • Extremely hot drinks
  • allergies
  • Being dehydrated while drinking alcohol

6 tips to protect your voice health

Drink 10-12 glasses of water a day: The basis of our sound health is to drink plenty of water and be in humid environments. Therefore, never forget to drink 10-12 glasses of water a day.
Throw away cigarettes: Smoking is the biggest enemy of vocal health and the most common cause of vocal cord cancer. Quit smoking immediately, seek professional help if necessary.

Hoarseness and weakness can be a sign of thyroid diseases

Do not use your voice in high tones

Especially in noisy environments, using our voices at higher tones than usual is one of the mistakes we make frequently. Use your voice more carefully in such environments. Do not be in dry and cold environments: Since dryness will occur in the vocal cords in dry and cold environments and in places where air conditioners are used heavily, the sound quality can easily deteriorate. Try to avoid such places as much as possible. Take care of your stomach health and prevent the occurrence of reflux disease.

How is thyroid cancer diagnosed and how to start treatment?

Thyroid cancer, which is caused by the uncontrolled proliferation of cells in the thyroid gland, usually manifests itself as a nodule in the neck. With early diagnosis and treatment, the disease can be completely eliminated. In order to make a diagnosis, first of all, it is necessary to determine the level of thyroid hormones in the blood. More




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