Daily physical activity improves the quality of life of cancer patients

The 6th International Leukemia Lymphoma Myeloma Congress organized by the Turkish Society of Hematology (THD) in Antalya was completed after an intense scientific agenda. At the press conference held within the scope of the congress, the experts, speaking, announced the results of a research that showed that regular daily movement gives significant good results in the recovery of cancer patients. In addition, it was noted that highly successful results of these drugs have been observed for smart molecules, which have been on the agenda recently, but studies have not yet been concluded at the level to be given to patients with the first diagnosis, and drug administration continues to those who do not respond to standard treatments. Speaking at the press conference, Turkish Hematology Association (THD) Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Ahmet Muzaffer Demir stated that the life expectancy of the patients is extended and therefore the quality of life comes to the fore.

Stating that the congress prioritized 4 themes, Prof. Dr. Iron, of these; He said that the quality of life of patients, the effects of targeted and cellular therapies on their quality of life, the effects of physical activity on cancer patients and the status of clinical studies in the field of hematology in Turkey. Stating that new treatment molecules are generally designed for patients over the age of 18, Prof. Dr. Demir stated that the use of these drugs in childhood and adolescence has increased in recent years.

How should nutrition and diet be in patients with hematological cancer?

Our success in childhood cancers is above 80%

Saying that the treatment success in malignant diseases in children is over 80%, THD Vice President and Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Tülin Tiraje Celkan stated that the cancer rates detected in children under the age of 15 constitute 2% of all cancers and gave the following information: “With cancer treatment, the cure rate in children is 80%, even in some subtypes; ALL, early stage Hodgkin lymphoma and Wilms tumor, this rate is above 90%. Since such good results are obtained, treatment-related side effects are becoming increasingly important.

Considering that a child who has survived cancer has 60-70 years of life ahead of him, it becomes important to spend this time with quality. It is said that we have too many patients living now, and even when we come to the 2020s and 2030s, one out of every 200-300 children will have survived cancer. It is important for us to live this disease with quality. Our goal in the previous years was to keep it alive, but now it has become our main goal to keep it alive.”

Stating that targeted therapies are being used more and more to reduce side effects and to eliminate only the tumor cell, Prof. Dr. Celkan said that especially in leukemia and lymphomas, anti CD20, anti CD19, anti CD33 are included in routine treatments. In addition, emphasizing that stem cell (bone marrow, peripheral blood, cord blood) transplantation in children is applied in more than 20 centers in our country for both benign and malignant diseases, Prof. Dr. Celkan said, “All of the treatments abroad are carried out successfully in our country as well. In addition, many centers in our country participate in clinical studies abroad and give patients.”

Many targeted therapies have been developed in the last 10 years.

from the Department of Hematology, University of Bologna, Italy. Francesca Palandri, on the other hand, reminded that many targeted treatments have been developed, especially in the last 10 years, and that new treatments for smart molecules are usually applied together with standard treatments, and noted that such new treatments applied to patients who cannot respond to standard treatments have shown success in reducing side effects as well as improving. Answering a question about leukemia, Dr. Palandri reported that an oral drug has not yet achieved such a success as in chronic myloid leukemia (CML).

Target found in blood cancer! Thanks to the new drug, life expectancy has increased 4 times!

Emphasizing that quality of life has become an important factor in chronic diseases that cannot be completely cured, Dr. Francesca Palandri stated that in treatments with new smart molecules, people can also return to work and establish normal relations with those around them, apart from providing their own care and fulfilling their daily routine. and longer life expectancy. In this context, the quality of life of patients is very important in these molecules, and it is a point that should be emphasized. We are also able to achieve significant improvements,” she said.

Expressing that smart molecules are developing rapidly in the treatment of cancer diseases, THD President Prof. Dr. Ahmet Muzaffer Demir gave the following information: “If you know where a cell becomes cancerous and where it deteriorates when it becomes cancer, you can apply a corrective and annihilating treatment method. The type of this molecule may be chemical, it may be an immunotherapy molecule such as an anti CD20 antibody, or it may be a cell. You take a cell, change it, and give it back to the patient. These can all be rational drugs, smart methods, treatments as targeted molecules.”

Noting that a molecule cannot be used immediately during the use of the drug, Prof. Dr. For this reason, Demir emphasized that it is given primarily to patients who are resistant to standard treatments, and then to patients in primary and secondary care as progress is made.

Quality of life and late side effects

Saying that there are side effects that may occur in the future when the quality of life is mentioned, Prof. Dr. Demir stated that “late side effects” can occur at very advanced ages, although recovery is achieved after the treatments given to children. You do the treatment, there are many side effects at that time, the patient has recovered, but 10 years later, you may come across with developmental delay.

The TÜRKÖK Project aims to increase the number of stem cell donors to 500 thousand.

In other words, the drugs you use, chemotherapeutic drugs can affect growth and development or affect sex functions, or you may encounter heart disease or heart failure 10 years later. What does it depend on? This may occur due to either the acute effect or the cumulative effect of the chemotherapeutic agents used.

Stating that these factors are also taken into account and that they minimize the late-term side effects while applying the treatment, Prof. Dr. Demir said, “We make our warnings before we start the treatment. We will warn the family, children and young people, and try to take precautions,” he said.

New research: Quality of life improves when cancer patients walk for just 30 minutes, three times a week

Stating that one of the issues they want to emphasize as an association is that very successful treatments are carried out in Turkey and that they are provided successfully on a global scale, Prof. Dr. Demir said, “We achieve great success in advanced stage, metastatic breast cancer, liver cancer, intestinal cancer, as well as hematological cancers. This is undeniable in our country,” he said.

Talking about a new research, Prof. Dr. Demir noted that it was determined that the patients’ mental states and physical movements contributed to success. prof. Dr. Demir said, “The Turkish Society of Hematology told you in 2016: Being inactive is not being disconnected from life. Back then, we told you on World Thrombosis Day that inactivity leads to obesity, cardiovascular diseases. We said that this can be prevented by exercising and acting with a preventable method.”

Stating that a study showing the effect of the movement on hematological cancers was published at the beginning of 2017, Prof. Dr. Demir noted that the study was organized in two groups, in which one of the patients was moved for 30 minutes and the other was not. prof. Dr. Demir said, “At the end of the 6-12-16 week periods, these people’s addiction to life, mental state, mental health, compliance with their illness and treatment were better than those who did not walk. That’s why we say that such patients, as long as their doctor allows and take precautions for infection, take regular walks with their family members or friends for 30 minutes every other day, for their mental health and especially in terms of increasing their quality of life.

Turkey is in the world super league in the treatment of hematological cancers

Turkey’s rising star in clinical research

THD Secretary General Prof. Dr. Güner Hayri Özsan underlined that Turkey is a successful country in treatment and that its star is rising in clinical studies, and said, “Many international clinical studies are now being conducted in Turkey. Dozens of studies are underway in the field of hematology. We see that these studies are carried out in many universities, sometimes in private centers or other government institutions, in various disease groups. For example; we work very hard at Dokuz Eylül University.

We can have many jobs. Of course, our normal treatment is standard treatment, but when patients choose treatment, they can participate in these clinical studies, reach some drugs earlier, and in some cases, especially in cases of relapsed disease, when the existing possibilities decrease, it is also possible to lead to new hopes thanks to such clinical studies. . Clinical trials are not only beneficial in this context, but also make a significant contribution to the health budget, because all the drugs in these clinical trials come from the health budget of the trial, reaching very high amounts. In this way, both patients can benefit from it, but they are definitely informed about its side effects.”

Turkish Hematology Association (THD) Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Demir informed that the congress was held with the participation of 25 foreign speakers and nearly 300 hematology specialists from Turkey and the world, with 12 scientific sessions, 3 satellite symposiums, 34 speakers under the chairmanship of 29 moderators. He noted that participants from Egypt, Greece, Romania, Netherlands, Bahrain, Macedonia, Spain, USA, France, Sudan, Montenegro, Italy, England, Canada and Germany came to the congress.




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