Common Mistakes in Robotic Surgery

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Assoc. Dr. Taner Usta touched upon 3 misconceptions about robotic surgery.

Robotic surgery; A technique that has been used in Turkey for nearly 10 years, helping surgeons perform complex procedures in a more precise and controlled manner. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Assoc. Dr. Taner Usta stated that in traditional techniques, the surgeon and assistants are in direct contact with the patient, and this process can cause both deeper and larger incisions in operations and disadvantages due to hand sensitivity. He stated that it is possible to get more controlled results because it makes it possible to do it in narrow spaces. Assoc. Dr. Master explained 3 wrongs about robotic surgery.

Myth 1: “Robots do the operation”

Explaining that people’s perspective on technology changes rapidly with technological developments, Assoc. Dr. Usta emphasized that although robotic surgery is very popular with the success rate of diagnostic programs using artificial intelligence and the developments in medical technologies, there are many misinformation known about the process.

Assoc. Dr. Usta stated that even if robotic technologies are very advanced, the idea that a doctor will not intervene is not a very acceptable situation for patients and their relatives for now.

Assoc. Dr. Taner Usta, however, underlined that, contrary to this information, the human effect is much more than what is thought in robotic surgery applications, and that it should be known that the surgeon has all the control, and stated that the surgeon can perform the operation with much more precise movements by using the instruments that he will use during the operation, not with his hands, but with his robot hands. .

False 2: “Artificial intelligence is used in surgery”

“One of the misinformation about robotic surgery is that artificial intelligence is used in the operation, and the surgeon’s intervention is limited to the use of robots only,” said Assoc. Dr. Taner Usta, the so-called Da Vinci robot, which is used in robotic surgery, works strictly under the control of the surgeon, and cannot do anything against the surgeon’s will; that is, the robot has absolutely no chance to decide and act on its own.

Myth 3: “The patient is left alone in robotic surgery practices”

Assoc. Dr. Usta underlined that the entire team, from the anesthesiologist to the assistant, is present at the patient’s side during each operation.
The fact that the operation is classical or robotic does not change this situation at all, besides the surgeon using the da Vinci robot, another surgeon or assistant helps the process to be much more controlled by being next to the patient, assistant, nurse, etc. In other words, he concluded his speech by stating that all team members are in constant communication with each other.

Source : MediMagazin

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