Childhood cancers can be detected by eye screening

Our children, the light of our lives and our future, are the most important assets in our world. Although they have a lower chance of getting cancer than adults, the effects of the disease can have much more devastating consequences for their bodies. Making a statement on the occasion of Childhood Cancer Day, Dr. Feride Pınar Doğru said, “Today, cancer is found in 120 out of 1 million children every year. For the detection of leukemia, which is the most common childhood cancer, a comprehensive eye examination is sufficient in some patients.

On February 15, World Childhood Cancer Day, experts draw attention to the early detection of cancer diseases that can be experienced in childhood. Emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis Dr. Feride Pinar is right, “The most important feature of childhood disorders; They are fast growing types of cancer. A few weeks after their formation, they begin to be seen and felt and become evident. Most of these fast-growing types of cancer can be detected with a comprehensive eye examination.

These factors, which are exposed in childhood, pave the way for childhood cancers.

Early diagnosis with eye examination is of great importance.

Especially stating that environmental factors play a big role Dr. Feride Pinar is right“As in adult cancers, early diagnosis is of great importance in children as well. Families need to pay attention to glands, anemia, abdominal swelling or growths in tissues. The main symptoms appearing in the eye are; blurred vision, sudden vision loss, flashes of light, loss of vision in certain areas, changes in pupil shape or size, eye redness or swelling, and sensitivity to light.

He underlines the importance of early diagnosis and regular eye examinations, especially with eye examinations that will be carried out regularly every year starting from childhood, as well as protecting eye health, as well as early diagnosis of diseases such as cancer that may affect the lives of our children, and promptly directing them to the right treatment methods. .

How should families approach children in childhood cancers?




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