Chemotherapy is not a hindrance to vacation

women-vacation-beachVacation plans for cancer patients and their relatives always pass with question marks. Risks of infection, crowded environments, decreased body resistance, chronic diseases may pose a risk for cancer patients on vacation. Medical Oncology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Duygu Derin made suggestions about vacation places and travels for cancer patients and their relatives.

Avoid overcrowding

Since chemotherapy weakens their immune systems, cancer patients become infected more easily. For this reason, it is important that cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or who have just finished chemotherapy will choose a clean and not too crowded place for their vacation. It is also important to have easy access to medical services that can intervene in case of a fever or similar problem.

Choose a comfortable mode of transportation

It is recommended to use a comfortable and not overcrowded transportation vehicle that will not tire them too much. Airplane is suitable for own private vehicles or short journey if the road is very long.

Wash fruits and vegetables very well

Patients undergoing cancer treatment should consume well-cooked, cleanly prepared and presented foods that are not kept in the open for a long time. Buffet meals should be covered. The skins of the fruits should be peeled or eaten after washing them very well. Salads should not be bought if we are unsure of how to wash them. Creamy desserts spoil quickly in heat, it is recommended to stay away. Eat watery foods that are easy to digest.

Avoid sunbathing if possible.

If you are exposed to the sun while receiving chemotherapy, spots may occur on the skin. For this reason, patients receiving chemotherapy are asked not to sunbathe. In cases where they will be exposed to the sun, it is recommended to use high protection factor creams.

Go to the sea, not the pool

There is no harm in swimming in the clean sea during chemotherapy. However, swimming in the pool is not recommended as it may cause infection.

drink plenty of fluids

Fluid needs of patients who receive chemotherapy in the summer season increase more. That’s why it’s important to drink plenty of fluids. It is necessary not to go outside during very hot hours, to rest, to be protected from the sun, not to consume foods that have been kept outside and whose cleanliness is doubtful.

Wear light clothes that do not sweat

In the clothing part, clothes that do not sweat and do not get cold, and if you are receiving chemotherapy, cover the body in such a way as to protect it from the sun should be preferred.

Having cancer is not an obstacle to being a mother.

Liv Hospital Medical Oncology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Feeling Deep




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