Cancer will turn into a chronic disease in the near future

cancer-chronic-diseaseSaying that many types of cancer will become significantly treatable in the near future, Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine faculty member Prof. Dr. Engin Ulukaya stated that cancer will soon turn into a chronic disease such as diabetes, even if it cannot be completely cured.

Speaking at the seminar titled “New and Lethal Actors in Cancer Research: Cancer Stem Cells” organized by Erciyes University Genome and Stem Cell Center, Uludağ University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Engin Ulukaya stated that if the preliminary symptoms are known and diagnosed early, one should not be afraid of cancer.

Expressing that morale ensures the proper functioning of the immune system, Prof. Dr. Noting that the therapeutic effect of morale is doubtful, Ulukaya made the following assessments: “But we think it has a protective effect against cancer. Soon cancer Even if it cannot be cured completely, it will turn into a chronic disease such as diabetes. Maybe there will be a tumor, but we will learn to live with it. This is currently the most optimistic scenario. We couldn’t say that 10 years ago either.”


Touching on the perception of cancer, he said, “Maybe we need to change our perspective on cancer. This point of view was actually made more than 100 years ago,” Prof. Dr. Ulukaya continued: “Even if it is not so well defined, the similarity between cancer cells and stem cells has drawn attention. It was asked, ‘Is cancer a disease of a stem cell’, but this issue has not been developed. When we look at it today, there are incredible common features between stem cells and cancer cells. Apoptosis, which we call cell death, is a normal mechanism that is constantly in our body. This is needed for new ones to come in, because it’s accumulating mutations. When these mutations come to critical genes, when the death mechanism of the cell is disrupted, this mutation can make us cancer. One day, the cell escapes this death, and the characteristics of the cancer cell are thus revealed. Stem cells don’t die either, it’s not that easy. If we had lost our stem cells, life would have started and ended in 3-5 years.”

prof. Dr. Ulukaya stated that it is known that cancer stem cells are resistant to drugs, so the success of the treatment is not very possible. Emphasizing the need to find approaches to overcome the resistance in cancer stem cells, Prof. Dr. Ulukaya said, “It is not very difficult to kill 99.9 percent of the cells in a cancer tissue, it is difficult for some cells to die. These stem cells It’s like they’re very resilient. They can also grow and spread without sticking to anything. These similarities make us think, ‘Is cancer a stem cell disease?’ brings the question. really cancer genetic disease we said, a group of metabolic diseases in Canada began to say. It is now being said that it is a stem cell disease. Some are wary of the concept of cancer-stem cells. In fact, this caution is no longer necessary. In the last few studies, a very close relationship with stem cells has been revealed.” (NTV)




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