Cancer vaccine produced by Cuba is being tested on 39 patients in Turkey

The cancer drug ‘racotumomab’, known as the ‘Cuban Vaccine’ in the world, is being tested on 39 patients in Turkey. Cuban Vaccine, which is followed in 5 centers for which patients are more beneficial, prolongs life by 2-3 months on average, according to the first findings. The drug is only licensed in Argentina. A dose of the drug brought to Turkey by the Turkish Pharmacists’ Association costs the patient $2,620. The cancer drug, whose phase 3 studies continue in Cuba, is also being tested on certain patients in Turkey.

Anadolu Medical Center Prof. Dr. Necdet Üskent 19 patients, Prof. from the American Hospital. Dr. Nil Molinas Mandel 10 patients, Ege University Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Rüçhan Uslu 4 patients, Prof. from Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital. Dr. Aziz Author and Dr. Mehmet Teomete 2 patients, Prof. Dr. 2 patients are being followed up in Canfeza Sezgin’s private clinic. Blood samples taken from patients are being studied in the laboratory of Mega Medipol Hospital.

Cuba will no longer be remembered for its cigar, but for its lung cancer vaccine

from Hürriyet Mesude ERŞAN’According to the news, the main goal of the research is to find a biomarker that will reveal which patients the drug is more effective in. If a biomarker is detected, it will be looked at first to see if it will benefit from the drug. The first data of 12 patients were presented at the National Cancer Congress.

Extends life by an average of 2-3 months

According to the first findings of the research conducted with the drug, also called “vaccine”, because it triggers the body’s own antibody production against the tumor cell at a high level, it extends the lifespan of patients by 2-3 months on average. This period is shorter in some patients and longer in others. However, this period, which seems to be short on average, is considered promising in cancer treatments.

Triggers tumor-fighting cells

Medical oncologist Prof. Dr. Nil Molinas Mandel said that racotumomab was effective in “non-small cell” lung cancers, which constitute 80-85% of lung cancers. Stating that they are also used in other cancers such as stomach and pancreas in Cuba, Prof. Dr. “The tumor cell is deceiving the immune system. The tumor cell that the body thinks is itself grows as it wishes. The drug injected under the skin triggers immune cells that fight against the tumor. The body is learning to regress, stop, or at least recognize what is not itself. “Patients in Turkey have been getting these vaccines for nearly 3 years,” he said.

Do not take medicines brought with luggage

Turkish Turkish patients sometimes go to Cuba to buy the medicine themselves, instead of having them brought by cold chain through the Turkish Pharmacists’ Association. He takes 1-2 initial doses in the hospitals there and brings the remaining doses to Turkey in his suitcase. However, because the drug is not stored under appropriate conditions, the cold chain is broken. Patients continue to take drugs that are now impaired and therefore ineffective. Sometimes tourists buy counterfeit drugs for a few hundred dollars on the street and bring them back in their suitcases. However, CIM, the producer institute in Cuba, cannot guarantee the drugs brought in these two ways.

no side effects

Stating that they recommend it to suitable patients who can afford to buy drugs that are not licensed in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Nil Molinas Mandel said: “We did not see any side effects even at the application site under the skin. This is a big advantage. We aim to find a biomarker that will show which patients the drug will work for before treatment. We observed an increase in the lymphocyte responses of the patients, which is a significant result for us.

We use it especially in lung cancer. But there were also those who used it in breast and pancreatic cancer. Patients put a lot of pressure to use this drug. Although the drug shows promise, it is not yet a substitute for standard treatment. It can be used in conjunction with standard treatment or given sequentially. There are many patients who have received chemotherapy and are worried about ‘What am I going to do now?’ It is a suitable option for this group of patients for whom we do not provide any maintenance therapy. We think that the patient is not left unattended, and we continue with something that has no side effects.”




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