Cancer drug produced from breast milk

increase-breastmilkA unique drug for the treatment and prevention of malignant tumors was produced in Siberia. Specialists from the institute of chemical biology and basic medicine at the Russian Academy of Sciences prepared this drug on the basis of the components of mother’s milk. Preclinical trials demonstrated the high activity of the new tool in fighting cancer.

No one doubts that breast milk is beneficial for the health of newly born babies. But this is not the only plus of the drug. Siberian scientists have proven this. At first seemingly simple, the drug will be able to overcome a very serious disease such as cancer. Breast milk consists of many biologically active components, including peptides that protect the mother’s health, as well as provide nutrition to the child. Yelena Kuligina, a scientific worker at the institute of chemical biology and basic medicine at the Russian Academy of Sciences, spoke to the “voice of Russia”.

breast-milk-breast-feedingAfter the end of the breastfeeding process, the involution of the mammary gland begins. In order for this process to be harmless for the mother’s health, it is necessary to remove some of the milk-producing cells without harming the organism. This mechanism is known as apoptosis. This is the destruction of the programmed cells, in which the organism initiates the process of being free from unnecessary cells. The effect of the drug is based on the programmed destruction of cells that the organism considers unnecessary.

Of course, no one offers to drink breast milk like babies to get rid of malignant tumors. On the basis of kappa casein, one of the main proteins in milk, a drug capable of destroying cancer cells was produced. Yelena continues to tell Kuligina. This is the standard situation in which a substance is used which is extracted from the fluids of organism sources and then artificially formed to produce unlimited quantities.

tumor_fareThe drug has been successfully tested on animals. For this purpose, Siberian scientists used both normal mice and specially bred mice. These are so-called snead mice with no immune systems that reject human malignant tumors. Normal mice do not develop malignant tumors, rodents are susceptible to mouse-only forms of cancer. Human things are unlikely to be surpassed by mice. According to the experts, the tested drug showed its effectiveness in both species of rodents. It succeeded in inhibiting the growth of malignant tumor cells.

Now it’s up to clinical trials. At the institute of chemical biology, they are confident that, thanks to the development of experiments, cancer patients can get rid of many types of cancer diseases and can be a reliable means of prevention against malignant tumors. What’s more, the drug is extremely harmless and could represent the innocuous equivalent of current chemistry therapy.Source:Voice of RussiaRadio




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