Can liver cancer be prevented? What is the place of surgery in its treatment?

liver cancer While it ranks 5th among all cancers in terms of frequency in the world, it ranks 3rd among cancer-related deaths. Stating that the most important risk factor for the development of liver cancer is liver cirrhosis, General Surgery Specialist Assist. Assoc. Dr. Kürşat Serin gave information about liver cancer and surgical methods in its treatment.

It is possible to prevent liver cirrhosis with vaccination

While the most common cause of liver cirrhosis in western countries is excessive alcohol intake, the most common cause in our country is chronic hepatitis due to hepatitis B and C virus. However, it is possible to prevent liver cirrhosis with effective screening and vaccination.. Because patients with chronic hepatitis B liver cancer The risk of development increases approximately 200 times and 15-25 percent of patients die from liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. Unlike hepatitis C, hepatitis B virus can cause liver cancer without causing liver cirrhosis.

What causes liver cancer? Symptoms, causes and treatment

Cirrhosis can cause liver cancer

Effective vaccination for hepatitis B is one of the most effective ways to prevent liver cancer. It is of great importance to take general hygiene measures to prevent hepatitis B and C, and to screen risk groups and all family members of hepatitis patients. It is possible to prevent the development of both liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, thanks to the early diagnosis of patients with chronic B and C hepatitis and the strong antiviral treatments to be applied. If the person has a chronic hepatitis B or C disease, the most appropriate treatment should be started without allowing the development of cirrhosis.

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In this regard, especially in early stage liver cirrhosis due to hepatitis B, powerful drug treatments that can recycle cirrhosis are encouraging. Hepatitis C, on the other hand, is a type of chronic hepatitis that can be cured, and many new and powerful drugs can be treated in this area. The basis of success in the treatment of chronic hepatitis; initiation of appropriate drugs at the appropriate time and close follow-up of the patient.

It is possible to get rid of the disease in liver cancer thanks to early diagnosis, correct medical and surgical treatments. However, in our country, the diagnosis of liver cancer can be made very late in some cases. However, there are new treatment methods that can prolong the life expectancy and give hope in these patient groups, and these treatment methods can also be successfully applied in our country.

Is surgical treatment of liver cancer possible?

Today, the most effective treatment method is surgical removal of the tumor. The functional status of the liver must be evaluated before the decision for surgery is made. In patients with suitable functional status, the tumor is surgically removed. Laparoscopic or, in other words, minimally invasive technique, or as it is known among the public, closed method surgery is a special application area of ​​surgery.

With the developing technology, liver surgeries can now be performed successfully in this way. In open surgery, an incision was made covering the entire abdomen in order to reach the abdomen. In the laparoscopic (closed) technique, operations can be completed with five 0.5-1 cm incisions and a 4-5 cm incision in which the piece is taken out.




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