Can green tea be effective in the prevention and treatment of cancer?

green teaProviding information about the effects of green tea on cancer prevention and treatment process, Yeditepe University. Faculty of Pharmacy, Head of Department of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy Prof. Dr. Erdem Yeşilada said, “Tea, white, green or black, is the most consumed beverage all over the world. Although they are obtained from the same plant, their effects on our body also differ depending on the different processing methods. Common features are strong antioxidant effects. In other words, it plays an important role in protecting our body against the damage of harmful free oxygen radicals. This effect is due to the polyphenolic catechin compounds in the tea. The rate of this type of compounds in tea leaves is quite high; It is between 30 and 42 percent,” he said.

prof. Dr. Erdem Yeşilada points out that the strongest effect is in white tea and green tea due to the change in these structures during the processing of tea. Field studies conducted in Far Eastern societies where green tea is consumed frequently reveal that green tea can be effective in the prevention of cancers. Prof. dr. Erdem Yeşilada emphasizes that scientific researches carried out in recent years clearly support these findings.

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Especially green tea; It has also been found in scientific studies that, depending on its antioxidant effect, it prevents tumor formation by regulating genes, enzymes and proteins that play a role in tumor formation and development, and prevents the feeding of tumors and ensures the death of cancer cells. In a follow-up study conducted on approximately 50 thousand people (over 40 years old) in Japan, it was observed that the rate of prostate cancer development decreased significantly in those who drank 5 or more glasses of green tea per day compared to those who drank 1 glass or less per day.

In other clinical studies, it is reported that drinking up to 9 glasses of green tea a day can be effective on colon cancers. White and green tea is recommended for the prevention of skin cancers by protecting the skin against the negative effects of the sun with its antioxidant effect. Prof. dr. Erdem Yeşilada also states that there are experimental findings that green tea consumption can increase the effectiveness of cancer drugs. Especially in breast cancers (estrogen receptor positive and negative), there are studies that the concomitant administration of cancer drugs (tamoxifen, et al.) can increase the success of the treatment.

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