Can cancer be detected with a blood test? Cancer screening tests

Cancer is one of the most feared diseases today. It is of great importance to be cautious against cancer and to have the necessary controls for early diagnosis. Because early diagnosis can save lives in many types of cancer. One to do blood test People of all ages can take early precautions against cancer and protect themselves. So what for blood tests need to do? prof. Dr. Bekir Sami Uyanık gave information about the blood tests used for cancer diagnosis.


Tumor markers can be detected with blood tests

Tumor markers (cancer markers) can develop in cancer cells or cancerous tissues and organs and spread throughout the body. These substances can be secreted by other tissues of the body to defend against cancerous cells. Tumor markers can be different in different cancers, and they can be seen more than once and in different amounts in a cancer. These markers can be detected by blood, urine and whole body fluid tests. When there is a suspicious situation in blood tests, your doctor (oncologist) by taking a tissue sample from that organ, which type of cancer is suspected. to pathology sends it.

What is a hemogram? What should the complete blood count test values ​​be?

Blood tests used to diagnose cancer

  • Complete Blood Count: hemogram or complete blood count test, also known as CBC; tumor, infectionleukemia (leukemia) and is an easy, practical and reliable test to diagnose many types of cancer. Abnormal conditions can be detected by examining the number and quality of blood cells with the hemogram test.
  • Tumor marker tests: A group of substances, described as tumor markers, are substances whose amount changes in the blood when a cancer-related condition occurs. These substances produced by tumor cells can be detected by many tests.
  • Blood protein tests: found in blood protein It is done to examine the type and amount of cancer and its results give important information about many types of cancer.

What would an ideal cancer test look like?

  • It should be specific (specific) for cancer.
  • It should be sensitive for cancer.
  • It should only be produced by one type of cancer.
  • It should not be elevated in the blood in non-cancer diseases such as infection.
  • Even a very small amount of cancer growth should produce a measurable increase in blood marker level.
  • The amount of marker produced should be proportional to the cancer mass.

You can find out your cancer risk rate

In addition to cancer diagnosis and treatment, various cancer marker tests are performed to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. In fact, some enzymes and hormones are used to support the presence of cancer because blood levels are elevated. As it can show cancer cells, the blood test can also reveal how well the organs are working and whether there is any risk related to cancer.

What is pathology? What does a pathologist do? Pathology tests and report

Combined testing in cancer cases

Cancer screening tests

In blood marker tests; Carbohydrate Antigen (CA 125) for ovarian cancer, Human Epididymal Protein 4 (HE4), Prostate Specific Antigen (Total PSA, Free PSA) for prostate cancer, Carcino Embryonic Antigen (CEA) and CA 19-9 for tumors of stomach, intestine and pancreas, breast Alpha-FetoProtein (AFP) is used to help detect and diagnose CA 15-3, liver, testicular, and ovarian cancers.

In addition, tests such as Tumor M2-PK (Pyruvate Kinase M2 isoenzyme) made in stool in large intestine tumors are being developed for early diagnosis.

Biopsy is performed for definitive cancer diagnosis when necessary.

With the test results, many important data about cancer and our organs can be obtained. Although many factors can be effective when performing blood tests, blood tests alone may not be sufficient for diagnosis and diagnosis. In this case, by taking a sample from the tissue in order to obtain more precise results, biopsy may need to be done. Changes in cancer treatment can be observed with cancer marker tests. Changes in tumor markers can be followed regularly by repeating the tests.

What is a biopsy and how is it done? Is there a risk of biopsy?

Don’t settle for one test!

  • Cancer diagnosis and treatment should not be made with a one-time test.
  • For diagnostic or post-treatment controls, if the test needs to be repeated, it should be done in the same laboratory and with the same device or method.
  • Cancer marker testing alone should not be considered sufficient, it should be supported by several different tests.
  • The blood, urine and other samples to be tested should be taken at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner.



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Be careful about eating and drinking. I recommend that you do research on healing with herbs. Nashka, look at the doctors again

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