Can AHCC Treat HPV?

Human papillomavirus, also known as HPV, is a common virus that causes an estimated 630,000 new cases of cancer each year worldwide. Cervical cancer represents more than 80 percent of cases caused by the virus. Other types of cancer, such as 70 percent of oropharyngeal cancer, 90 percent of anal cancer, and 70 percent of vaginal and vulvar cancer, have been attributed to HPV, according to the CDC. There are 100 different types of HPV, many of which do not cause cancer. However, researchers have identified 6 HPV types as definitive human carcinogens.

Are there any ways to get rid of HPV infections? Read on to learn more about how HPV affects the body and why a supplement called AHCC can help.

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Do HPV Infections Exist?

HPV usually goes away in about two years without any treatment. While this scenario happens in most cases, it doesn’t always happen this way.

In some cases of HPV infections, the virus remains dormant and resurfaces years later. In these cases, the infections never really resolve and the HPV remains for a long time. The body has a particularly difficult time responding to the virus, people with weakened immune systems. As the infection persists, the potential for more serious complications increases, leading to an increased incidence of cervical cancer, genital warts, and other problems.

What Is The Most Effective Approach To Treat HPV?

Optimal immune function is essential to defend against pathogenic invaders such as HPV. While there is no known cure for HPV infections, boosting the immune system with natural substances such as AHCC has shown promising results.

AHCC is a cultured extract of various medicinal mushroom mycelia (roots). It has an immune-boosting effect that helps the body to destroy the virus. This extract boosts immune function by increasing the number and activity of natural killer cells and other immune cells.

More than 30 human clinical studies have looked at the effectiveness of AHCC in the treatment of many severe conditions, including head and neck cancer, liver cancer, and HPV-positive cervical cancer. The results of these studies were so impressive that some of the most prestigious institutions in the world have worked on the AHCC.

A pilot study at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston followed 10 HPV-positive women who took 3 grams of AHCC once daily for 3-6 months. At the end of the trial, 50% of the women tested negative for HPV. These are incredibly encouraging results, given that there is currently no cure for the condition.

What Dose of AHCC Should I Take to Eliminate HPV?

Based on the best available scientific evidence, 3 grams of AHCC cures HPV. Daily AHCC appears to be an effective AHCC HPV dosage for HPV eradication. Treatment with this supplement inactivates the virus in the body, so it’s important to continue the supplement indefinitely to ensure continued suppression.

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