Bone resorption drugs are effective in preventing breast cancer

breast-cancer-new-cure-hopeDrugs used in the treatment of osteoporosis reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. The research was published in the renowned medical journal Nature Medicine. The first experiments were done on animals, if the same results are obtained on humans, it will be possible to reduce the incidence of breast cancer. Medical Oncologist evaluating the research result prof. Dr. Ozlem Er“We have a drug called denusumab that we apply to strengthen the bones. with this medicine osteoporosis It is a drug that we use to treat the development of bone metastases in women with breast cancer. But the same prevents the development of breast cancer. Today, it has emerged as a promising drug that can be used in a preventive sense.”

Women whose “BRCA” genes are mutated breast cancerWhat a high rate of capture. Because of this risk, the famous actress Angelina Jolie had both her breasts removed.


Stating that current drugs used for osteoporosis reduce the risk of breast cancer caused by this gene, Prof. Er said, “When we use this drug before breast cancer develops in BRCA-positive women, if it gives the result in animal experiments, it reduces the development of breast cancer and we begin to see less breast cancer, this is very important news.”

prof. According to the information given by Er, these drugs reduce the risk of cancer recurrence in those who have had breast cancer. In advanced cancer patients, it prevents the spread of the tumor and prolongs the life span. However, this study is still in the testing phase.
About 3 percent of breast cancer cases are seen due to genetic predisposition.




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