Bile duct diseases are not known enough! Pancreatic tumors are aggressive

Saying that pancreatic tumors are very aggressive and difficult to treat, Prof. Dr. Orhan Bilge said, “This aggression is also caused by the cellular type of the tumor and the anatomical region where the organ is located. Since the pancreas contains very dense blood and lymph vessels and is located at the junction of the body, early spread to regional lymph nodes and surrounding organs is observed. Therefore, early diagnosis is of great importance.

Expressing that early diagnosis is of vital importance in these patients, Prof. Dr. Bilge gave the following information: “We can only catch these diseases and tumors early, with care and suspicion. In the first period, there are very ordinary complaints. It starts with a feeling of restlessness and fullness in the stomach area, upper abdomen. Severe abdominal pain is a sign of advanced disease. There is a feeling of restlessness, a feeling of discomfort that does not go away.

What causes gallbladder diseases and stones? Symptoms and treatment

It ranks fourth or fifth in terms of incidence compared to other tumors, and the chance of success in treatment is not high. Therefore, early diagnosis is of great importance. The treatment of pancreatic diseases also requires special experience.”

Bile duct diseases are not well known.

Stating that jaundice is a finding that should be considered very important in this group of diseases, Prof. Dr. Bilge said, “When jaundice is detected, the cause should be investigated very quickly. Because this finding concerns more than one expert. Bile jaundice due to duct obstruction should be evaluated by a specialist surgeon. If it is due to the disease originating from the liver itself, namely hepatitis, it should be seen by an internist. Likewise, some blood diseases can cause jaundice. For this reason, it may be useful to evaluate the blood diseases specialist.

When you see a patient with jaundice, it is necessary to diagnose as quickly as possible so that valuable time is not lost. It is necessary to make a quick decision in obstructive jaundice. Here, the liver cannot drain the bile into the intestine due to the obstruction in the ducts. Pancreatic cancer, biliary tract tumor and stone can also cause this, all of them have common clinical findings. Our duty is to make the distinction as soon as possible and plan the right treatment.”

Treatment with Radiofrequency Ablation

Stating that they were able to treat patients who could not be treated until recently, by using surgical and auxiliary methods, Prof. Dr. Bilge said, “10 years ago, we used to say that there is nothing we can do when liver spread is detected in patients with large intestine tumors. Now, not only with the success of surgery; As the effectiveness of oncological methods increases, the treatment limits of surgeons are expanding.

We often make use of the “Radiofrequency Ablation” method, which is among the interventional methods. If there are many tumors, we surgically remove the suitable ones, and burn the ones that cannot be removed. We definitely combine it with systemic chemotherapy. We can achieve successful results with surgery in patients who respond to chemotherapy. In patients who do not respond to chemotherapy, the success of surgery may also decrease.

Early diagnosis is important

Stating that most of the tumors in the liver are metastatic, Prof. Dr. Bilge gave the following information: “If the tumors originate from the liver, there is often chronic liver disease on the basis of it. In patients with hepatitis B or C virus, the liver is damaged and cirrhosis occurs. Cancer points begin to develop in certain foci. In these cases, although the treatment is surgical, it cannot always be applied.

Poor diet is an important risk factor for pancreatic cancer.

Often, patients are caught at an advanced stage, and if the general condition is appropriate, a surgical method is planned for those detected at an early stage. In addition, with the ‘Chemo Embolization’ treatment used in this area, we disrupt the blood supply of the tumor, so that the tumor dies and shrinks. If the tumor is well blooded from the arterial system, it responds well, and if the blood supply is poor, the chance of success is lower.”




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