Assoc. Dr. Özlem Sönmez: Breast cancer can be cured in 95% with early diagnosis

Stating that great progress has been made in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, which is the most common type of cancer in women, in recent years, Secretary General of the Turkish Medical Oncology Association Assoc. Dr. Özlem Sönmez said that over 95 percent of early-diagnosed breast cancer can be successfully treated. The 9th International Oncology Days with the theme of “Women’s Cancers” were held in Muş. Speaking at the ‘Breast Cancer’ session, Assoc. Dr. Özlem Sönmez emphasized the importance of self-control of breast cancer by individuals and explained that they should know themselves in order to recognize the difference between normal and abnormal.

Assoc. Dr. Sönmez said, “We are afraid of touching or going to the doctor in case something happens if cancer develops. We will see the disease from the beginning so that we will cure it as soon as possible. Because cancer is a curable disease. Especially breast cancer It is a disease that we can completely eliminate from our lives over 95 percent when caught early. That’s why we’re going to get to know ourselves first,” he said.

What causes breast cancer? Symptoms, treatment and palpation

Breast self-exam allows the person to get to know their body

Reminding that one of the most important tools of women in diagnosing breast cancer is a manual examination, Assoc. Dr. Sönmez noted that it is of great importance for women to regularly check themselves by hand. Sönmez, listing some elements that can be considered as symptoms, said, “Being aware of when you feel a mass during palpation by looking in the mirror, or when there is asymmetry, orange peel appearance in both breasts, milky, bloody or other colored discharge from the nipple, recessions, changes in the directions of the nipple. It is necessary to consult a doctor on time. However, there should be no panic, because in fact nine out of ten of them, nothing may come out,” he said.

We can’t get anywhere with fear.

Assoc. Dr. Özlem Sönmez continued her words as follows: “We cannot get anywhere by being afraid. We learn together, we try to raise awareness. There should be no fear in our business. We care about early diagnosis in order to prevent organ loss and to reduce and eliminate all kinds of material and moral costs.

We have patients who are delayed in going to the hospital, applying to the doctor, or getting a diagnosis. Are they afraid? No, do not be afraid. Especially the developments in the field of oncology are progressing very rapidly and we find solutions to many things. We need to take fear out of our lives, prioritize learning and knowing, and applying to a doctor on time.”

Breast cancer treatment is personal

Assoc. Dr. Özlem Sönmez stated that the stage of the cancer was determined when it was first diagnosed, the size of the tumor, axillary lymph node, metastasis He reminded that besides its features such as its state, its molecular structure has been determined. Assoc. Dr. Sönmez underlined that these treatment differences depend on a wide variety of characteristics.

Breast cancer with all its details in 25 questions: Answers to frequently asked questions

For this reason, patients should be aware that there may be differences such as the duration of treatment and the type of treatment, Assoc. Dr. Sönmez said, “I also tell my patients at the first meeting. We plan treatment according to the person, everyone’s treatment can be different. The treatment of your twin sister may also be different from yours. While chatting, two patients ask, ‘why was your treatment worse than mine for one year and mine for six months and one year, or are you better off taking pills?’ There is no such situation, the treatment is personal, “he said.

Do not hide anything from the doctor, do not use herbal products in cure

Pointing out that patients may tend to use herbal products during treatment, but that they hinder the treatment and cause harm, Sönmez warned that herbal products should not be used, especially in cured form, and that even if such a use has taken place, it should not be hidden from the doctor. Assoc. Dr. Sönmez noted the following: “Sometimes, people can advise each other by saying, ‘This is very good for me’. Herbal products interact with drugs. There are chemicals in them that we do not know much about, and they leave the body, for example, through the liver and kidneys, passing the same routes as drugs.

Herbal medicine can get rid of the body first and causes the medicine given for treatment to stay in the body against our will, causing an increase in the side effects that we call toxic. Some herbal products destroy the effect of the drugs we give.

Are drugs not made from plants? Yes, it is produced, but drugs are turned into drugs with the results of thousands of years of research on a single chemical substance in that plant. When you use a harvested plant or even cure it, the interactions I just mentioned happen. Paracelsus has a saying; Everything is poison, it’s the amount that matters. We do not want you to ever, ever use anything as a cure, especially during treatment. Let’s not forget that everything has an interaction and dose.”

Is it possible to prevent cancer? Breast cancer prevention methods

One out of every 100 breast cancer patients is male.

Explaining that men also have breast cancer and their treatments are similar, Assoc. Dr. Sönmez noted that one out of every 100 breast cancer cases in the world is male breast cancer, and that the rate in Turkey is close. Emphasizing that there is a difference in surgical treatment, breast tissue is completely removed in men and there is no conservative surgery, Assoc. Dr. Özlem Sönmez said, “Men should not say ‘no’ when they notice a mass in their breasts. Men also get breast cancer. Prevention from breast cancer starts with saying breast to breast.




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