Are “Baklava” Made with Plastic Surgery Really As Good as Thought?

Forget about eating healthy food and exercising like a slave in the gym: with the latest liposuction method, it promises to have perfect “baklava”, ie abs, without hard work or diet nutrition.

Too good to be true, right? Yes, it almost is.

The procedure, called “abdominal aesthetics,” is created when fat is sucked from certain parts of the abdomen, which brings out a person’s natural tummy lines, according to an article published this month in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. While patients may prefer a more prominent appearance, they may also choose a natural, smooth appearance. But, as you can imagine, skipping the gym for this surgical shortcut has negative consequences.


The article reveals that while the procedure has the potential to make your tummy look like Channing Tatum’s, it’s not without risks. Surgery can result in nerve and muscle damage, not to mention infection if the procedure goes wrong. And don’t think etching will solve your body image issues, either. If you want to maintain that solid physique, you will need to go to the gym regularly and exercise.

Before starting the abdominal muscle aesthetic procedure, the patient’s height and weight information as well as their health history will be taken into account. People who have had plastic surgery prior to their abdomen are at risk of skin necrosis (you can tell when your skin tissue dies and leaves holes in your body). What’s more, the procedure causes swelling for the first two weeks and takes two to three months to fully heal.

So what is the lesson to be learned from this story? There may be procedures necessary for you to have abdominal muscles in an easy way, but do not act without considering the side effects and risks. Our suggestion is natural ways; In other words, it is to achieve your own abdominal muscles with sports and a healthy diet., This Plastic Surgery Procedure That Promises to Give You Six-Pack Abs Is Ridiculous, 2019.

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