A very effective local genetic diagnostic kit against lung cancer has been produced

gene-screen-digital-dnaWith the diagnostic kit produced in Ankara for lung cancer, the door to cheaper individualized treatment was opened. Our researchers have developed a diagnostic kit to determine the current molecular treatment targets in lung cancer, using local knowledge and workforce, on an issue that is very important for our country and to which we depend on foreign kits. Since this diagnostic kit is designed specifically for new generation DNA sequencing platforms, it creates a great advantage especially in terms of price in the application phase. Supported by the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology, the project named “Next Generation Sequencing-Based Diagnostic Kit for Detection of Molecular Treatment Targets in Lung Cancer” is one of the faculty members of Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Genetics. prof. Dr. Fatma Ajlan TükünIt took place under the direction of.

This project, which is very important especially in terms of delivering personalized treatment to all income groups, was successfully completed by being carried out in cooperation with Doğru Laboratories Group, Okan University and Ankara University. Explaining the purpose of the project, Prof. Dr. Fatma Ajlan Tükün gave the following information on the subject:

“The purpose is to protect the patient’s benefit, as the diagnostic kits are produced by the R&D team of a medical laboratory that is the user. It is possible to perform such diagnostic procedures, which are quite expensive under normal conditions, by using new generation DNA sequencing platforms, faster, cheaper and with high reliability.”

Personalized treatment with genetic testing in lung cancer

Stating that the kits for lung cancer enable the screening of double or triple genes in the world, Prof. Dr. Tükün said, “With the diagnostic kit we produce, the disease is clearly detected and the success of treatment increases. The tests that can be done in several stages reach the result in a single study with the diagnostic kit we produce locally. More importantly than cost and time savings, this increases the survival rate.”


Underlining that individual molecular treatment methods and drugs have been offered to the market for lung cancer cases caused by different mutations in recent years, Tükün said that the mechanisms of action of drugs are different and that changes in the molecular mechanism in the cell in that patient should be determined for the correct drug selection.

prof. Dr. Ajlan Tükün said: “In this way, it is determined which gene has a mutation and the right drug is given to the patient. In order for people to benefit from these treatments, EGFR, KRAS, BRAF etc. related to lung cancer. It is necessary to detect the changes by scanning the genes and then direct the drug according to the detected changes.”




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