A new era in the fight against cancer with Cancer Gene Mapping Tests

Cancer gene mapping tests, which can screen hundreds of gene changes with a single biopsy sample, are in Turkey with an innovative approach offered to patients and physicians during the treatment process. FoundationONE, the world’s leading cancer gene mapping test, provides a meaningful roadmap for patients and physicians by comprehensively examining the genetic changes that lead to disease.

Founded in 2010 to incorporate innovative, scientific and technological developments into routine cancer treatment, Foundation Medicine (FMl) develops cancer gene mapping tests, which are of great importance for a personalized approach to cancer treatment. Comprehensive gene mapping tests play an important role in the fight against cancer by allowing changes in hundreds of cancer-related genes to be detected with very high sensitivity and specificity.

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FoundationOne, one of the cancer gene mapping tests offered by FMI, which started to serve under the Infogenetics company in Turkey, detects all genomic changes in 315 different genes found in solid tumors. These tests, which can be done regardless of where the tumor is located in the body, help match genetic changes with current treatments.

This comprehensive report from FoundationONE’s labs in the Americas and Europe examines possible genetic changes that occur in tumor tissue that may have caused cancer. In the report, there are all targeted therapy alternatives in the world that can be effective in these changes, some information about whether the patient can benefit from immune therapy, and clinical studies in which the patient can be included. Thus, a personalized cancer map that can guide the patient and physician in the treatment process is presented.

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‘We will talk more about personalized treatment in the coming period’

Stating that cancer gene mapping tests and detailed data analyzes make a personalized approach in cancer treatment accessible to every patient, Hacettepe University Cancer Institute Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Şuayib Yalçın said, “Until recently, cancers were categorized almost entirely according to where they first appeared. As science discovers the many possible changes in and in hundreds of cancer-related genes, the number and combination of genomic changes is discovering that each person’s cancer is even more unique. With the concept of ‘personalized health’ in the fight against cancer, we have entered a new and more possibilities phase. Researchers and us physicians, now with the support of these technological developments, have started to offer treatment options individually by understanding cancer in a much more detailed way. Thanks to these innovations, which continue to develop rapidly in the world, I believe that we will strengthen our hand by getting to know cancer better in the coming years.

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‘It gives meaningful results to support the decision-making processes of physicians’

Stating that cancer gene mapping tests are an important step for the health world in the fight against cancer, Foundation Medicine Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Medical President Dr. Bahadir Beijing, “As Foundation Medicine, one of the world’s leading companies in the field of molecular information, we believe that it has started a new era in the use of personalized therapies in the fight against cancer. With the personalized cancer gene mapping service we offer, we provide physicians with meaningful results to support their decision-making processes. Thus, physicians can see the most up-to-date treatment options available all over the world for their patients. The FoundationOne test is performed with a very small amount of tumor tissue and a single test. Thus, both the tumor biopsy tissue used for the test and time are saved. These reports, which are the result of the analysis of complex data by technology and scientists, aim to give hope to cancer patients.




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