90% of cancer cases are not related to genetics, but to the environment and lifestyle.

Taksim Crowd Psychological Treatment90% of cancer cases are not caused by genes, but by environment and lifestyle. American scientists say that the most common types of cancer are caused by environmental factors. According to experts, many types of cancer can be prevented by avoiding too much sun exposure, eating a balanced diet, exercising and quitting smoking. Nine out of 10 cancers develop as a result of environmental factors and lifestyle. Researchers working on cancer in the USA came to this conclusion. According to researchers at Stony Brook University in New York, external factors are much more influential in the development of cancer than previously thought.

In previous studies on cancer, it was pointed out that cell mutations play an important role in tumor development. However, according to a new study by American researchers, many types of cancer can be prevented by avoiding too much sun exposure, eating a balanced diet, exercising and quitting smoking.

Excess sugar consumption paves the way for cancer

In the new research, it is stated that 70 percent to 90 percent of cancers may not develop in the absence of external factors. It is pointed out that 75 percent of colon cancer develops as a result of diet, 86 percent of skin cancers develop as a result of sun, 75 percent of brain and neck cancers develop as a result of smoking and alcohol. In a case examined in the study, it is noted that those who migrated from a region where cancer is less common to an area where it is more common, are diagnosed with the same high rate of cancer there.

It is emphasized that this supports the fact that cancer is of environmental origin rather than biological and genetic origin. Scientists say that quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, not gaining excess weight, and eating a healthy diet can significantly reduce cancer.

The head of the Stony Brook center, Dr. “External factors play a big role, it is not right to hide behind bad luck,” said Yusuf Hannun.

Dr. Hannun compared each cigarette to a bullet driven into a pistol in Russian roulette and said, “Our duty for public health is to get as many bullets out of that pistol as possible.”

British experts also said they found the research convincing.

Professor Kevin McConway of the Open University said: “There are people who don’t have cancer despite exposure, so luck is always a part of it. “But this research shows that we need to go beyond bad luck and look for causes and protect ourselves.”

From the British Cancer Research Foundation, Dr. “Not smoking, being at a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet, and reducing alcohol consumption are not a guarantee against cancer, but significantly reduce the risk of cancer,” said Emma Smith.





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