3 new therapies to delay recurrence in breast cancer…

Important studies on the treatment process were presented at the Breast Cancer Symposium held in the United States. Evaluating the new studies presented at the symposium, Acıbadem University Department of Medical Oncology faculty member Prof. Dr. Gül Başaran stated that 3 new methods that came to the fore in breast cancer significantly delay the recurrence of the disease.

Stating that among these new methods, anti-hormone therapy, zolendronic acid therapy, and a new therapy that has come into use for patients with her-2 positive tumors, Prof. Dr. Başaran gave the following information about the treatments expected to be applied in breast cancer in the near future: ‘Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in developed countries. One out of every 8 women in America and one out of every 12 women in our country is diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her life. At the Breast Cancer Symposium held in San Antonio, USA in December, promising new studies in treatment attracted attention.”

Osteoporosis drugs reduce breast cancer-related recurrence

Stating that a drug group used in the treatment of osteoporosis gives effective results in early stage breast cancer, Prof. Dr. Başaran said, “A group of drugs given to prevent new bone metastases in the treatment of patients with osteoporosis without cancer and in cancer patients with bone metastases prevents recurrence and deaths from breast cancer in early-stage breast cancer patients. According to the research presented with seven-year follow-up results; Adding the drug, the active ingredient of which is zolendronic acid, to the treatment delays both the recurrence of the disease and the death due to the disease in early stage breast cancer patients who have not entered menopause, whose hormone receptors are positive, and whose ovarian functions are suppressed with anti-hormone drugs. “This new understanding is now being accepted by many oncologists in the treatment of patients with early-stage breast cancer.”.

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Up to 7 months delay in breast cancer recurrence!

Stating that another therapy to the anti-hormone treatment applied in advanced breast cancer patients delayed the recurrence of the disease for 7 months, Prof. Dr. Başaran gave the following information: “The main feature of anti-hormone treatments is that they do not have side effects such as chemotherapy and can be taken orally. Therefore, it does not adversely affect the quality of life of patients like chemotherapy. After the anti-hormone treatment method is applied in patients with advanced breast cancer, the disease usually returns within 8-11 months.

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The new research gives hope to these patients as well. According to the research; When everolimus is added to the anti-hormone treatments of advanced breast cancer patients, the recurrence of the disease can be delayed for up to 7 months. Thus, the resistance to anti-hormone treatments is broken and advanced stage patients are offered an option without chemotherapy for a longer period of time. The drug with the active ingredient everolimus is currently used in the treatment of kidney cancer. If the promising results in breast cancer patients continue in long-term follow-up, it will be used for these patients.”

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New therapy for patients with Her-2 positive tumors!

Stating that the recurrence of the disease can be delayed for up to 6 months in advanced stage breast cancer patients with high levels of ‘Her-2/neu’ protein in their tumors, Prof. Dr. Başaran said, “The Her-2 protein is a protein that can be found in excess in approximately 25% of all breast cancer patient tumors. In patients with advanced and early stage breast cancer in whom an excess of this protein is detected, two important drugs that prolong life are used. Both drugs have few side effects, are included in the group of ‘smart drugs’ with only tumor-directed effects, and their tumor-reducing effects increase even more when given together with chemotherapy.

The new research is closely related to the group of patients who have advanced-stage tumors with excess of the ‘Her-2’ protein in their tumors. In the treatment of these patients, when chemotherapy and a drug containing trastuzumab are given together with a new drug containing Pertuzumab, it is seen that the recurrence time is delayed by 6 months. It is anticipated that the new drug with the active ingredient Pertuzumab will be applied in the near future as a new and important treatment option for these patients.




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