15 summer hacks for expectant mothers

The most popular season of the year has arrived, with the sparkling sun and a clear blue cloudless sky.

Big and small, we all looked forward to summer, dreamed of the sea and the sun. However, if you are pregnant, the situation may not be so heartwarming. The instinct to carry and protect the little creature that is getting heavier inside you can make this season unbearable.

Don’t worry right away, but know how to protect yourself too. Gynecology Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Betül Görgen wrote 15 tips that will help expectant mothers to have a safe and enjoyable summer:

one) First, reduce your salt intake. But don’t cut out salt entirely, because salt also contains the vital mineral iodine. This is also very important for your baby.

2nd) Keep your feet as high as possible.

3) The right shoes are very important. Prefer orthopedic sandals rather than slippers that look comfortable.

4) Your hands are the places that first start to swell. Say goodbye to your rings as soon as you realize this.

5) Immerse yourself in cool waters on long and hot summer days. Get rid of both your pain and heat by swimming.

6) The most important and should not be forgotten rule; is to take enough fluids. Keep this in mind. You should drink an average of eight glasses of water a day. In the summer, especially if you are going to be outside, you need to add this much more.

7) Refresh your neck and arms with damp cloths.

8) If you have to spend time outside, you can spend some time wandering around the cool shopping malls.

9) Prefer non-sweaty, lightweight clothing. At the beginning of summer, make your closet suitable for summer. Prefer breathable cotton fabrics.

10) Especially before noon, get your work done and go home. So start your day early.

11th) Be sure to carry water with you. You can even add cold water and a fragrant oil to a spray bottle, then squeeze when hot.

12) Be sure to use sunscreen products. Apply this product at regular intervals. The sun is your skin’s enemy.

13) The sun’s rays can damage your eyes, and the way to protect yourself from this is quality glasses.

14) Wear a hat and be sure to protect yourself with an umbrella when you are at the seaside.

15) Do not forget that the most beautiful and safe place for you on extremely hot days is your home. Don’t worry about it and enjoy these days.

Source : MediMagazine

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