10 most effective measures to prevent cancer

nutrition and sportsCancer, the prevalence of which is increasing rapidly today, is becoming an increasingly important public health problem. Although the desired point in cancer treatment has not been reached yet, there are very effective methods to prevent this disease. Experts warn; Prevention of cancer is a more effective and easier method than treatment. Medical Oncology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Andaç Argon gave comprehensive information about the 10 most effective measures to prevent cancer.

  • Do not eat more than half a kilo of meat a week, consume plenty of vegetables and fruits in a reasonable amount.
  • Go to the gym every day like you go to work.
  • After 12 pm, turn off the lights and sleep soundly.
  • Do not neglect your regular health checks for early diagnosis.
  • Ventilate classrooms and schools every day to protect your children from the carcinogenic radon gas that accumulates indoors.
  • Keep them away from cell phone until age 13.
  • Do not put the computer and modem in their room, and unplug them at night.


1- Smoking: Studies show that; Smoking even one cigarette a day can cause cancer. In this context, smoking other tobacco derivatives such as hookahs, cigars and pipes and passive smoking also carry risks. For example; Don’t forget that it’s like you’ve smoked about 50 cigarettes in one hookah session! Never tolerate someone smoking near you.


2- Eating habits and ideal weight: If we live at our ideal weight, we live the furthest from cancer. Roughly, our ideal weight can be defined as the last two digits of our height or a maximum of 5 kg more. We must create a nutrition style that will maintain our ideal weight throughout our lives.


For this:

a- HALF A Pound of Weight: We should not eat more than half a kilo of meat per week.

b- Farewell to the Whites: We should stay away from flour and sugary foods as much as possible.

c- SELECT THE RIGHT OIL: We should not add oil other than olive oil, hazelnut oil, canola oil and corn oil, which we call healthy oils, into our kitchen.

d- MANY VEGETABLES REASONABLE FRUIT: Every day we should eat mixed salads, vegetable dishes and fruits of the season in reasonable quantities.

e- DO NOT smoke: We should not eat foods prepared with unhealthy techniques such as frying, barbecue and smoking.

f- ATTENTION TO ALCOHOL: We should drink alcohol in very small quantities or not at all.

g- DON’T BE ORGANIC: We should take care that all our foods are natural, organic, without additives and preservatives. We must always demand organic products. We should stay away from genetically modified foods.

h- DON’T EAT WHILE LIVING: We should stop eating food 3 hours before going to bed.

10 golden rules of cancer prevention


3- Sports: In order to maintain our ideal weight and strengthen our immune system, we should do regular sports. Half an hour of jogging at least 3-4 days a week, ideally every day, is actually sufficient. In addition, exercises with and without tools will make additional contributions to our health. We should make it a habit to go to the gym as if we were going to work.


4- Regular sleep: Adults are required to sleep 7.5 hours a day without interruption. In addition, we need to go to sleep in a lightless environment at 12 o’clock at the latest, so that the hormone melatonin, which protects us from cancer, begins to be secreted. Daytime compensatory sleep does not provide the same benefit.


5- Residential gases: Every morning, we need to ventilate our homes, workplaces, schools and classrooms where our children spend hours for 5-10 minutes, and get rid of carcinogenic gases, especially radon, that accumulate throughout the night. Radon gas is one of the most important causes of lung cancer. It may be responsible for lung cancers, especially in people who have never smoked.


6- Electromagnetic radiation: We should be protected from non-ionizing radiation, which concerns us all more than the ionizing radiation that will be exposed as a result of a nuclear war or a nuclear accident, as was the case in Japan most recently.

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For this:

a- LIMIT YOUR MOBILE PHONE: We should keep our children away from mobile phones until the age of 12-13, when their brain development is not yet complete. Adults are also required to use a mobile phone with a headset for a maximum of 30 minutes a day.

b- TURN OFF THE MODEM: Remember that small household appliances emit serious electromagnetic radiation. Do not keep a wireless modem, mobile phone, etc. in your room at night. Make sure that the heaters are at least 2 meters away from your bed. If possible, make sure your home is away from base stations or high voltage lines.


7- Sun: Especially in the summer months or those who live in snowy high altitude areas, the point that should be paid attention to in the winter months; are the dangerous ultraviolet-B rays of the sun. You should never go into the sea between 10-15 hours in summer; When going out, we should dress to protect from the sun. Especially people who are blonde, have freckles and have more than 20 moles on their body should be afraid of the sun. It should be noted that sunscreens can never provide real protection. Solariums should never be visited.


8- Preventive medicine applications: The cheapest and most effective way to prevent cancer is to not catch it. For this:

a- CHECK-UP IS NOT LUXURIOUS: Everyone is required to attend the check-up program once a year.

b- TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR: Some cancers such as breast, colon, cervix, lung and prostate cancer have routine screening programs; talk to your doctor about this.

c- REMEMBER VACCINES: Some vaccine programs (such as hepatitis, cervix) provide protection against cancer.

d- STAY AWAY FROM HORMONES: We recommend that women who have entered the menopause use other drugs instead of the hormone drugs we call ‘hormone replacement’ therapy for their problems.

e- ATTENTION TO GENES: Those with a genetic predisposition should make risk assessments with their oncologist and take the necessary precautions.


9- Protection from various chemical and industrial substances:

a- DON’T CANCER AT THE WORKPLACE: In a significant portion of cancers, the cause is related to the work we do. Especially if we are exposed to various chemicals, dyes and industrial dusts (asbestos, silica, coal) in our workplaces; We must request the employer to take the necessary measures to ensure industrial hygiene. For this, special protective clothing and masks, appropriately ventilated rooms and cabins, regular health checks, frequent rests should be provided.

b- KNOW WHAT YOU ARE WEARING: Another issue that we are exposed to chemicals is azo dyes and dangerous chemicals used in clothes and toys imported from the Far East. We should stay away from these products.

c- HAIR DYES ARE NOT INSINE: We should not forget that hair dyes play a role especially in cancers originating from blood and bone marrow.

d- FEED IN THE SEASON: Remember that non-organic foodstuffs contain high levels of chemicals. Therefore, it is best to consume seasonal vegetables and fruits.

e- PROTECT FROM EXHAUST GAS: If we spend a long time in traffic; Let’s not forget that we are exposed to many cancer-causing gases, especially diesel exhausts.


10- Techniques for coping with stress: If there is a serious stressor in our life, it is best to get rid of it. If this is not possible, we should apply methods of coping with stress. For example; we can do sports regularly, travel, and take up hobbies. We can be interested in art and engage in various social activities. These will save us from the stressful routine of the day. We should definitely seek professional support for stresses that threaten our mental health.

Is it possible to prevent cancer? Here are the most effective prevention methods

Medical Park Göztepe Hospital Complex Medical Oncology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Andac Argon,




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