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In this website we’ll deal with Mesotholioma also known as asbestos cancer, including an overview, symptoms, treatment, prevention, resources and how to find medical help and specialized lawyers.

In case you think that you or some you know has been exposed to Mesothelioma, or that your company or your school has been built with asbestos, then there is a risk that you have Mesothelioma cancer.

Did you use to work or frequent a place that had been built using asbestos? Do you have difficulties  breathing ?

Mesothelioma must be treated as soon as possible. When found at a late stage, it is a deadly disease. In any case, if you have been exposed to mesothelioma, you must address a physician, and if you wish so, get in contact with a lawyer who specialized in asbestos and Mesothelioma.

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